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If your home has suffered damage to its walls because of a storm, fire, or other accident, you may be in need of drywall repair in Pleasanton. Homeowners with particularly old homes, however, might need to seek plaster repair rather than drywall service. These two types of interior wall materials can both be effective, but there are a few notable differences between them. Keep reading if you are interested in finding out what you need to know about drywall and plaster.

Differences Between Drywall and Plaster

Plaster and drywall can both be used to make the interior walls of a home. While drywall tends to be a more popular choice in today’s society, plaster is the older technique. Although working with plaster tends to be a lengthier and more expensive process, it can lead to a higher quality final result. Drywall may not offer quite the same quality as plaster, but it is cheaper and less invasive. Rather than mixing and applying your plaster, working with drywall involves the installation of large boards. When a professional installs drywall, he or she will use screws, nails, and tape to adhere boards of sheetrock to studs.

How to Find Studs

Whereas you would build and craft plaster to form your walls, drywall depends on studs for support. It is important to know how to locate these studs when you decide to hang a mirror, photograph, or piece of artwork on your wall. Attempting to nail or screw a hanging piece into the middle of your drywall is not a good idea. If the art piece is heavy enough, it will damage your drywall. Instead, you will have to use a stud finder to find the supporting studs in your wall and hang your piece by nailing it to a stud.

Repairing Your Walls

If you notice that your plaster walls are cracking, it is important to have them looked at by a professional repair service, as these cracks may impact their structural integrity. Drywall tends to be easier to fix; there are several tools and materials you can use including a joint compound and drywall tape.

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