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A popcorn ceiling is not only unattractive, but it can lower the value of your home. A popcorn ceiling may even contain asbestos. Fortunately, it’s quite easy for Pacific Drywall, a leading popcorn ceiling removal company in Fremont, to take care of your popcorn ceiling quickly and customize your new ceiling to your tastes. To find out how the popcorn ceiling removal process works, read this article.

Asbestos Testing

The first step in the popcorn ceiling removal process is to determine whether or not it contains asbestos. Although asbestos was used widely as a binder in construction materials for many decades, it was banned in 1978 because of the serious health risks it causes—including cancer and respiratory disease. Although an asbestos test is not required, the EPA highly recommends it, especially if your home was built prior to 1979. In fact, many acoustic ceilings installed in the 1980s contain asbestos because the 1978 ban did not apply to existing inventories. If asbestos is present, it will need to be removed professionally.

Take Down the Popcorn Ceiling

To remove the popcorn ceiling, your professional popcorn ceiling removal company will first clear out the room, including hanging fixtures. Wire nuts will be put on exposed wires and the electricity to the entire room will be shut off at the breaker. The walls and floors will be covered with a plastic dropcloth and a layer of plastic sheeting for extra protection. Then we will soften the acoustic material and scrape it off with a professional tool.

Ceiling Replacement

The next step is to replace the uneven ceiling with an improved ceiling. At Pacific Drywall, we can create a range of different ceilings for you, including standard skip, heavy skip, and sanded skip trowel. We also offer knock down, swirl, plastic simulation, orange peel, and imperfect smooth designs. For a more classic design, we offer crown molding and old world texture as well.


Man painting ceiling white