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From fireplace refacing to drywall services near Pleasanton, there are many ways you can change things up around the house and enjoy a new look. Before you get to work, however, it is always wise to think about the process from all angles to be sure you will be satisfied with the end result. When it comes to choosing crown molding, think about the materials you would like to see, the size your molding should be, and the installation process. Here is a closer look at the factors you should consider when choosing crown molding.


Crown molding can alter the aesthetic appeal of your home, and the material from which is made plays a significant role in the process. In addition, different materials come with their own pros and cons in terms of maintenance and installation. Many homeowners enjoy wooden crown molding for its natural beauty. This material fits in well with most designs, but it can be incredibly difficult to install on your own. Polyurethane crown molding can offer the look of wood at a more affordable price. This choice is also resistant to rot and insects, which are sometimes hazards for wood.


Two sets of crown molding made from the same material might have completely different effects if they are cut to different sizes. You might want to start by measuring the height of your ceiling. If you have a rough idea of how thick you want your crown molding to be, you can compare its size to the overall height of your ceiling and find an appropriate range. You can also look to your windows, doors, and baseboards for help in determining the optimal size for your crown molding in any given room.


Even the most beautiful and tasteful crown molding can take away from your home’s aesthetic appeal if it is not installed properly. If you have your heart set on installing your crown molding yourself, make sure you choose a material that is easy to install and do your research. It is never a bad idea to delegate this job to a professional.

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