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Molding comes in many different styles, with each one serving a unique function. If you want to upgrade your ceiling with an attractive molding design, contact Pacific Drywall. We have years of experience offering crown molding installation in Fremont and nearby areas. To take a closer look at crown molding and other styles of molding, read this article.

Casing and Baseboard

Casing covers the gap between a wall and either a door or a window frame. Casing differs slightly by design, but usually features a two- or three-inch width. Baseboard is applied to the area where the wall joins the floor. It offers simple style, and is normally three to five inches tall.


Crown molding installation is a guaranteed way to elevate the architectural style of a room. It is used to decorate the area between the wall and the ceiling. Also known as cornice moldings, crown moldings have intricate designs that draw the eye upward and expand the perceived space of the room. If you are already getting a textured ceiling replacement service, adding crown molding is especially easy to do.


A concave-shaped trim, cove molding accents the juncture of the ceiling and the wall. Sometimes referred to as coving, this trim can also be used on stairs where the risers and treads meet. One way to think about a cove is that it’s a less ornate style of crown molding.

Bead and Pearl

Bead and Pearl moldings are styles that are different yet similar. Both are made of a row of tiny, symmetrical spheres. They are often paired with other designs, such as darts, spindles, or leaves. This type of molding is a great compliment to chair or crown railing.


This ornamental molding is known for having small blocks, evenly spaced, in repetition across the trim. Dentils can be incorporated into crown molding, and are a design feature often found in historic homes.

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