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Step 1

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Pleasanton

Before we get to work on your ceilings, we take several steps to protect your home. We apply highly dense plastic sheeting to your walls from top to bottom, across all floors and over any furniture that will stay in the room while we work. The thick plastic will keep your home clean and dust free. (We even apply the plastic to your driveway and walkways before we drive our truck to your property.)

Step 2

Drywall Services Livermore

Once the walls are masked, we soften the popcorn for easy removal. Then we carefully scrape it away, using a technique that minimizes damage to the drywall under the popcorn. Our removal technique also keeps the dust down considerably.

Step 3

Dublin CA drywall services

Once the popcorn is removed, we repair the drywall ceiling underneath to ensure the ceiling looks perfect. We then retexture the ceiling to match the existing texture.

Step 4

Drywall renovation Oakland

We start with a light sanding. We then apply a coat of primer, paint is sprayed on and then backed rolled in.

Step 5


After the paint is applied, it's time for the finishing touches. We caulk the edges of the ceiling to create a clean edge where the ceiling meets the walls. Next we touch up the walls where needed.

Step 6

popcorn ceiling Livermore

When your ceiling is finished, we get to work cleaning up. We remove the debris, then the plastic sheeting and then we vacuum thoroughly. When we're done, you'll never know we were in your home.

Step 7

baseboards East Bay Area

We take care of the outside of your home, too, removing the protective plastic and washing down your driveway to be sure there's no residue from the materials we carefully carried out of your home.

Step 8

cabinet renovation Pleasanton

When you walk in the room and look up, you'll be amazed by how flawlessly beautiful your ceiling looks. There won't be a trace of that outdated popcorn. Instead, you'll find a ceiling that blends naturally with your walls.

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