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In the Bay Area, Pacific Drywall is your trusted drywall services provider. We have served Pleasanton and the surrounding areas since 1992, over which time we’ve become known for our affordable pricing, fast work, and customer satisfaction guarantee. Our specialty is popcorn ceiling removal, but we offer all sorts of drywall services, including renovation, repair, and replacement.

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Drywall Concerns in the Bay Area

Pacific Drywall is the #1 drywall services provider in the Bay Area for a reason: we understand the unique drywall concerns facing Bay Area residents. Cities and suburbs all around the San Francisco Bay deal with unusually high levels of humidity, and moisture is the leading cause of mold growth. The experts here at Pacific Drywall can remove moldy drywall and replace it with mold-resistant or even moisture-resistant drywall to prevent mold growth in the future.

Another concern in the Bay Area is asbestos. Because of the large number of historic homes and buildings that were built before 1978, there is a real concern amongst Bay Area residents regarding exposure to asbestos. Popcorn ceilings were popular during the mid-20 th century, an era that unfortunately coincided with the boom in asbestos use. Unless you know for certain that your popcorn ceiling was installed after 1978 (the year asbestos use was banned in the U.S.) you must act as though the ceiling contains asbestos. The good news is that Pacific Drywall is trained and equipped to quickly, safely, and efficiently remove popcorn ceilings in Pleasanton and the rest of the Bay Area that may or may not contain asbestos.

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